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Canned Responses: How To Save Time And Still Foster Loyal Customers

Canned Responses: How to Save Time and Still Foster Loyal Customers

What is AI?

AI or artificial intelligence is an area in science technology focused on developing and designing machines capable of complex work that is otherwise assumed to be done by humans.

As technology is progressing and machines are becoming smarter every day, AI is getting a much stronger impact on society. The result? AI has been introduced to many areas of our everyday life. Starting from our mobile devices to medicine, shopping, and smart homes. Moreover, we see robots working human jobs, that were earlier thought impossible.

As such, AI technology has found its way to reach companies and speed up company processes, making it easier to automate tasks and become more agile. One of the main areas that AI is taking over is customer experience and how to improve customer experience using AI.

Although still young, this technology has skyrocketed in the last decade. Generally, some of the things AI can do is solve problems, recognize speech, learn, plan and that is just a beginning.

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